The best app to track your phone is here

Are you looking for a powerful way to use as parental control? Don’t you worry, we have got you covered. This particular software for monitoring will run on the phone of your child and will track all the activities including their GPS location, call history, WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages, Snapchat, webs history and a lot more.

You will be able to view all outgoing and incoming calls on your child’s phone and this includes call durations and call timestamps. You will able to bock unwanted numbers from even ringing on your child’s phone. This way you will be able to save your kids from having any unhealthy conversations. You can keep your child safe by creating and actively managing the list of numbers you do not want your child to get calls from.

You will be able to review all sorts of texts, multimedia files and iMessages received or sent on your child’s phone. You will also be in a position to capture all messages that are received and sent by some user on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat and Viber. You would also be able to monitor the multimedia files that are automatically stored inside the gallery. This is very important, you need to be aware of what kind of graphics your child is being exposed to. Some of it may not be appropriate for their age.

You will now be able to track the existing GPS location of where your child’s phone is at using this phone tracker app. You will be able to set the safe zones like school, home, grandma’s house etc. You can subscribe to receive alerts any time your child leaves or enters a zone.

Track the current GPS location of your child’s mobile phone. Set safety zones like “school”, “home” and “the Grandma’s house”. Receive notifications each time your kid leaves or enters a zone. You can even use cyber zoning to track if and when the child moves outside of the zone you have created for them.

You can now be in a position to know what all apps are installed on the device your child carries with him/her. You can now block the apps that you would not want your child to be using. You can even go one step further and totally prevent your child from installing dangerous apps so that they cannot install and use any unnecessary apps with this phone tracker app. This software will allow you in blocking access to any apps that may have inappropriate content for your child or seems to promote any harmful behavior for the youth.

There are just so many innumerable applications on the net that end up claiming that have been especially made for kids when they are not. Some of the apps are just a waste of time, while some of the others create a danger to their self-development and may even land them in trouble if they get in touch with some online predators, scammers, cyberbullies or some other not so healthy (to have around) strangers.