How to Expand Your Audience Base Like a Boss

According to a recent study by Oberlo, with around 1 billion active users, Instagram is the second most popular social media (right after Facebook). It’s no brain teaser that you should take advantage of this portal to promote your business and expand the audience base.

But the real question is, how to do that!

No worry. We are here with a comprehensive guideline about how to make the best out of your business Instagram account. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Use Relevant Hashtags

We cannot imagine Instagram without hashtags. However, it’s a common misconception that the more hashtags you use, the more people you drive to your account. Unfortunately that’s not the case. You need to use relevant hashtags to drive qualified leads to your site. Suppose you offer asbestos abatement service. You may put a hashtag of asbestos. But what’s the point in adding a hashtag for the colour of asbestos! It will only drive vanity leads.

Also, make sure to use your business name as a hashtag in each of the pictures so that people can easily find it. It also contributes in driving brand recognition.

2. Add some real-time pictures

Instagram is the place to get “lively”. Of course you can post stock images or purchased images of your website and blogs. But make sure to add some real time pictures your employee group, your client meeting, any event that you attended, and so on. This will build an emotional connection with the audience and evoke brand reliability.

However, we don’t suggest you to upload your family pictures from your business account as these affect professionalism.

3. Tag Others

Did you arrange an event in a university? Have you recently made a logo for a digital marketing company? Make sure to tag their official Instagram account along with a little description. This speaks volumes of your credibility and reputation.

4. Use Direct Purchase Links

Delaying conversions is the worst mistake for any business. And Instagram is a trap that compels you to do this. Why? Have you noticed that you cannot add the purchase link directly onto the picture. You have to refer the leads to the description on the top of the page to find your official website to make a purchase.

You can get rid of this trouble with a simple strategy. If you own an eCommerce store, suppose a jewellery boutique, you can display the picture along with its price and purchasing link right on the picture.

That way, if someone likes the picture, they can easily buy the item right from the image.

5. Buy Instagram Followers             

This is the most significant point. It’s a common psychology that human beings follow a page or person that/who already has a follower base. We are speaking in terms of number. The more number of followers that your Instagram account has, more people will find your business to be relevant and follow you. So buying Instagram followers is a psychological trick to allure more followers.

Now, you may be wondering, how to buy real Instagram followers. Below is a checklist to do the same. Keep reading.

  • 1.Look for an authentic portal that has a reputation in delivering real time Instagram followers.
  • 2.Make sure that you get real Instagram followers. Too many fake followers may evoke a negative brand impression and your entire reputation will be ruined if someone finds out about it.
  • 3.Ensure that the increase in the number of follower rate doesn’t take a long time after the payment is done.  

You may come across several spam sites, so you need to be really cautious while picking a company. If you are looking for an authentic and reputed site that can cater to the above-mentioned three points, you can take service from Famoid. They have served a lot of clients like you and helped them expand their business.


So there you go – the most effective tips on promoting your business and a quick guideline about how to buy real Instagram followers. Follow these pointers and see a hike in your conversion rate soon.

Oh and don’t forget to thank us later!