Gearing up for your daughter’s day?

Here is a guide to Mother of the Bride Dresses!

One of the most incredible days of your life arrives when you see your children growing into a responsible individual and finding the love of their life. Marriages give birth to new relations and bonds that go on with you for a lifetime. And thus, to mark the beautiful occasion of a wedding, everyone prepares right from the very first day onwards.

Flashy shades and full monochrome, a big no!

To stay on the safe side, a lot of women generally prefer to go for complete black or full white outfits. Other than that, they eventually experiment with noisy shades such as red, pink etc that are too flashy for you as a mother. Most of the women, whose girls get married, are surely above 40. This means that you should try to keep yourself beautiful and sober. There is surely no complication in experimenting, but don’t go for such colors that might make you appear very unique and out of the whole wedding theme itself. You can always mix some other color with black or white and can go for light shades like blue, orange with a mix of other simple shades to look beautiful and graceful at the moment.

Long dresses or short ones, what should you go for?

A lot of women love to wear off shoulders and short dresses, however, if this is your regular dressing style, try doing something new for the wedding. Also, look up to yourself. Are your legs toned enough to carry a short dress in front of so many guests? If you are confident enough and you can rock the look, then go for it! And if not, then the best solution is to go for Mother of the Bride Dresses Long. Long dresses have their own impact and beauty.

Those fearless gowns make you look extremely vibrant and attractive in the whole crowd. Moreover, you can always carry any type of heels under them without caring about anything; long dresses actually make you appear much taller than what you are! You can also experiment with off shoulder dresses when you choose the long ones. However, with short dresses, it will look too extra for a mother.


Well, all these thoughts are certainly subjective and the end decision lies on you. If you and your daughter both are comfortable with a certain dress, you can definitely go on and rock the outfit. For a Mother of the Bride Dresses, you can even harmonize your dress style and color with that of the bride’s dress. This will give the whole family a subtle look and make you stand out of the crowd.