Amazing Coloured Contact Lenses & Why You Need To Buy Them

Coloured contact lenses are the perfect fashion tool available right now. You will not get any better than that nowadays. These are amazing devices that can change how you look and everyone is crazy about them. Don’t believe it? You can check them out all by yourself. Why shouldn’t we get into their details now

What are Coloured Contact Lenses?

Coloured lenses have a special coloured tint on them that allows you to change your eye colour. Actually,contact lenses Australiaare just normal lenses that have a coloured tint on them and that is what makes them so special.

Coloured tints are designed very similar to our eyes’ iris. The patterns, dots and lines are almost identical. Just the colour on these tints has more depth and definition that allows great colours and beautiful eyes.

Then the coloured lenses are also widely used for Halloween and Cosplay purposes. They are available in extreme and freaky designs. They are called by many different names such as

• Decorative contact lenses
• Novelty contact lenses
• Halloween contact lenses
• Crazy contact lenses
• Special effect contact lenses

Different Tints

Do you know that coloured contact lenses are available in different coloured tints such as the opaque and enhancement tints, yeah, that is right, there are a whole bunch of it to choose from. The enhancement tints are translucent, and they enhance the colour of the eyes adding more depth and definition to the eye colour. While the opaque tints cover the eyes completely and they change the eye colour quite naturally, they are completely solid and provide a more bold appearance.

What else Should I know?

One important thing that you should be aware of is that the coloured lenses are medical devices. Even if you are using them for fashion purposes, you are actually inserting these devices in your eyes. Got to be careful when you are using such devices, it is not all fun and games.

You must follow all the safety measures that are associated with coloured contact lenses.

Safety Tips & Precautions

Everything starts from the purchase, of course, you would be looking to buy only the best product. But be careful, do not let a cheap price tag fool you. Always stick with the highest quality for safe use. It is the first safety tip that would allow you to buy the coloured contact lenses that are perfect and high quality. Never compromise on the quality of the lenses and only buy from the best brands and online stores.

You must know about the precautions and safety guidelines. If you are not careful enough then you may suffer from below mentioned consequences.

• Corneal Abrasion
• Eye damage through dye wearing off in the eye
• Vision impaired
• Eye infection
• Blindness in worst cases

Other symptoms that the low quality lenses cause:

• Eye soreness
• Consistent irritation
You should read the instruction and get them imprinted in your mind.
Below here are some very important Dos and Donts about using coloured contact lenses.

Dos and Don’ts

Do your research – When you are going to buy your coloured contact lenses be sure to carry out complete research. Look for only the best and well respectedonline stores and brand though online reviews and asking your friends who have experience of using these lenses.

Do learn how to insert coloured lenses – Once you have bought the coloured contact lenses, it is important that you learn how to insert coloured lenses expertly in your eyes. Look at video tutorials and take help from experienced people.

Do wash your hands before using – When you are about to use your coloured contact lenses, wash your hands properly with soap and warm water. Maintaining hygiene is very important.

Do seek medical attention if you suffer pain in your eyes. If your eyes feel irritated and there is any discomfort that you may think is due to your coloured lenses, then take off your contact lenses and consult your doctor. Usually it is a small issue, but it is better to stay on the safer side of things.

Don’t share your coloured contact lenses – Sharing of your coloured contact lenses is very unhealthy for your eyes, think of sharing your toothbrush with someone else. Your contact lenses are not supposed to be shared with friends or family, not anyone. Sharing of lenses usually results in eye diseases transmitting from one person to another.

Don’t sleep with your Coloured Contacts – Once you have used your coloured contact lenses, take them off and then go to sleep. Sleeping with your lenses on your eyes is not beneficial for your eye health at all.
But if by mistake you slept away without taking them off. Do not panic, first re-wet your eyes and then remove the lenses. Otherwise you may cause more damage to the eyes. Then immediately consult your doctor.