Accessing BBC Content from All Over the World BBC Sounds / BBC iPlayer

Since medieval times, people have had a great interest in entertainment. While there were different modes of entertainment at that time, now there is television, music, plays and other types of entertainment. These entertainment mediums have been based on different countries. Each country has its own sets of channels and unique entertainment programs in order to satisfy their citizens. The BBC services, which stands for the British Broadcasting Corporation, is a public service providing broadcasters that offer different BBC channels for entertainment. It serves people worldwide, which means that one can access these channels even if they are not in the U.K but will need to pay for them since the U.K. citizens worked hard on their creations. The fee for these channels is very reasonable. Some of the entertainment services which fall under BBC are BBC Television, BBB Radio, BBC News, BBC Internet, BBC Music, etc. Over the years, these services have gained quite a lot of interest of people from all around the world. People love their music, theatrical plays and movies which show them the British lifestyle. The Wikipedia article of BBC lets you understand the types of services they provide and the rules and regulations required in order to use them.

One can use these services via television, iPlayer or BBC Sounds. BBC iPlayer is an online service which allows people to access BBC entertainment programs after they have been released on television. They upload the programs after they have been broadcast for time intervals from a few days to even a year. It is very useful for people who don’t get time to watch the programs regularly because of their busy schedules. BBC iPlayer is for programs, whereas BBC Sounds is a recent service launched which allows people to listen to music and podcasts. It has grown popular in a short span of time and continues to increase its usage all over the U.K. It can be used by people worldwide and it does not have geo-restrictions of any kind. One can check out the content provided by BBC Sounds on the internet.

However, the iPlayer service is based solely for people in the U.K. because of its licensing regulations. The corporation has instilled these rules because the tax for the content is paid for by the people of the U.S., thus it does not seem fair to them if the people of other countries are able to enjoy these entertainment services without paying some kind of taxes. Interestingly enough, one can use this service all around the world by changing a few settings on their device. Hence, this guide with help you with watching your favorite BBC shows even if you are not in the U.K.

These services monitor the locations of the people using it and thus restrict the ones which seems to be coming from an IP address outside the U.K. One of the ways to use the facilities provided by this website even when you are outside the U.K. is by changing your IP address. One can either change it manually or there are VPN services which allow you to do that. These services are easily available and very affordable. There are many VPN services which provide you with interesting packages of their services for a reasonable amount of time ranging from a few weeks to a number of months.

Since the VPN services are so readily available, many of them fail to meet the customer’s satisfaction. There are certain things which people should keep in mind when they look for a VPN service. Some of them include the conditions that they should be able to bypass geo-restrictions, have high speed, the number of IP addresses should be high, have multiple server locations in the U.K. to have a good base and they should be able to hide your identity so that if your device is caught by the service regulation’s monitor, your identity will be safe. This is one of the most important things you should keep in mind when you are looking for registering for a VPN service.

The BBC iPlayer and Sounds services are very strict in monitoring their regulations and this is why they block all of the fake IP addresses as soon as they come across them. One can use the iPlayer services again by changing their VPN services or they can have a dedicated IP VPN which uses one specific IP address whenever you require some services, thus reducing the suspicions.

In conclusion, one can access the entertainment services provided by the BBC all around the world. There are services which help you do that by changing the IP address of your device and by bypassing the geo-restrictions of the iPlayer.